Urban game for bus stops

Aloha is an interactive installation that brings people together. Colorful tiles catch your attention while you wait for the bus, they invite you to play! Simply step on the tile to interact with it. Playing with others makes the game more fun - and provides an excellent conversation starter.

Each tile was handcrafted by our talented team using the following principle:

Aloha Tile

We made an effort to create a game that is fun and so intuitive that anyone passing by can instantly join and share a playful experience with others. In the end, the rules are simple enough: To start a new game, step on one tile until it stays green. The other tiles become blue, but start turning red. Goal of the game is to color all tiles green by stepping on them. But you have to be fast: they slowly turn back to red! The more players are involved, the more fun it is!

Team: Nicky Saliha, Olivier van der Toorn, Thomas Dekker, Niels van Berkel, Davy Koelemans

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