Interactive Story in a Hybrid World

The ‘Nabazland’ installation is a tangible interactive story world. The story takes place in the fictional fairytale environment of ‘Nabazland’ and can be influenced by the users’ interaction in both the physical and virtual domain. ‘Nabazland’ is populated by bunnies, so-called Nabaztags.

Nabazland interactive installation

The users, preferably children aged three years or older, go on a magical journey to help the main character find his beloved friend, Princess Nabaztine. In the course of this journey they have to solve a row of puzzling exercises, each of which leads them closer to the princess.

Nabazland legend

The children will interact with physical Nabaztags, a virtual model of a Nabaztag in a virtual world and a plush-Nabaztag reacting to pressure in order to find the princess. After completing the puzzles, the princess is found in a castle in the physical world, making her a hybrid character that jumped out of the virtual world to the physical one.

My main contribution to this project were user experience design as well as design and implementation of the virtual world in Unity3D. Particular attention was given to the topics age adequacy, engagement and visual style.

Nabazland Skybox

Team: Vesselin Vitanov, Tobias Uebbing, Sabrina Stocker, Yannick Grawenhoff

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