Smart garment for posture improvement

Incorrect posture is an increasingly wide-spread problem in today's world. It can lead to short and long term pain in the back and neck areas, and has further been linked to depression. Modern lifestyle facilitates poor posture, especially because of the increasing amount of time people spend sitting. Therefore, a correct posture has to be established and trained.

Wearable technology can achieve this by constantly measuring the wearer's body and giving real time feedback on incorrect posture. In colaboration with experts as well as users we designed and developed such a device and showed in a study that it has a positive effect on posture and wellbeing.


Posturise is a smart undergarment that measures seated posture. If the wearer slouches, it gives haptic feedback. In this way, the wearer is made aware of their poor posture and able to correct it immediately. This has the advantage that the wearer learns how to identify correct or incorrect posture by themselves, and can develop their back and abdominal muscles, which are needed to support good posture in the long run.

By means of formative user studies a series of iterative prototypes were designed and developed. A final version was evaluated in terms of its effect on posture. Four participants wore the prototype over a time span of three weeks. It was found that the design clearly has a subjective effect on posture, and an expert also confirmed an objective improvement.

Posturise senses slouching with custom designed sensors in the front and back and provides gentle haptic feedback between the shoulder blades.

Posturise was presented as part of the Mind the Step exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2016.

A show piece prototype of Posturise was presented at the high-tech fashion show in Enschede, NL, as well as the Wear IT 2015 event in Berlin, DE.

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