Solar Windbreaker
A solar-powered phone-charging jacket

During ebb-tide, the surroundings of The Wadden Sea Islands located at the north of The Netherlands, turn into a wide fallow scape offering the opportunity to walk and explore the soil ground of the sea. Tour-guides of the Wadden Sea Society introduce hikers to the beauty of the era in different types of expeditions, which can take 2 to 10 hours away from vast land.

To improve the experience of these expeditions, Pauline van Dongen designed a garment which can provide their tour guides with a solar-powered jacket, offering both comfort and functionality. With a power-bank placed directly in the lining of the jacket, the windbreaker allows the user to charge any kind of portable device from phone (about 2 hours charging time) to camera and GPS navigation in any kind of weather.

Windbreaker technical drawing

As in-house design technologist I was the point of communication between fashion designers and electrical engineers working on the project and helped create solutions at the intersection of these expertise. Finally, I was also responsible for wiring and quality assurance of each windbreaker.

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